The 2nd thinning and weed pulling (How to build a vegetable garden) – Growing veg for beginners

About a week has passed since the last thinning. I removed the grow tunnel and checked inside the bed.

The 2nd thinning and weed pulling (Growing veg for beginners)

This is the bed where spinach is being grown.

The spinach bed

I want about 2 plants per hole in the mulch for spinach, so I thin them out.

To thin out the spinach

It becomes difficult to tell how many plants are growing in one hole as the plants mature, doesn’t it?

How many spinach plants?

Gently bend the spinach leaves to check the base.

Check the number of spinach plants

While thinning, I’ll also pull out weeds and remove damaged leaves.


Next, let’s take a look at the bed where baby leaf greens (mesclun greens) are being grown.

The baby leaf greens (mesclun greens) bed

These leaves with waves are arugula (rocket). It’s a vegetable commonly seen in the salad or herb section of supermarkets.

Arugula (rocket)

This light green vegetable here is called “Bekana". Bekana is a member of the Chinese cabbage family.

Bekana (Napa cabbage family)

This area, like the spinach bed, has a few damaged leaves and weeds, so I’ll pick and tidy up.

Damaged leaves

Finally, this is the bed where we’re growing baby bok choy and leaf lettuce.

The baby bok choy and leaf lettuce bed

The baby bok choy is growing quite well.

Baby bok choy

As for the leaf lettuce, it’s still small because I replanted the seeds. It seems to need a few more days to grow.

Leaf lettuce (Red leaf lettuce)

I left it alone for a while, but the sugar snap peas are slowly growing too.

Sugar snap peas

I thinned it once last time, so this time the task was completed quickly.

Thinned vegetables

Following is the video for how-to. English subtitles are available.

The 2nd thinning and weed pulling (How to build a vegetable garden) – Growing veg for beginners – YouTube