Fertilize the sugar snap peas (Garden sugar snap peas) – Growing sugar snap pea plants

Growing sugar snap peas in soil cultivation. This time, we will attend to snap pea care. We’re adding fertilizer to the snap peas to replenish nutrients.

Additional fertilizer for sugar snap peas (Snap pea growing tips)

After about 2 weeks since installing stakes for snap peas and taking winter precautions, although snap pea growth is slow during winter, they still need fertilizer, so we’ll apply additional fertilizer.

During the severe cold, it takes about a month for fertilizer to take effect on sugar snap peas, so it’s advisable to fertilize early. If you fertilize in the harsh cold of January, the fertilizer will show its effect when snap peas start growing in spring.

Setting up stakes and winter protection for sugar snap peas
Snap peas with a height of about 20cm (7.9 inches)
Chicken manure for fertilization

For fertilizing sugar snap peas, place chicken manure between the plants in 4 locations. To make fertilization easier, make cuts in the mulch.

Fertilization spots for snap peas
Make cuts in the mulch

The amount of fertilizer is 10cc (1/3oz) of chicken manure per spot. Insert the trowel about 10cm (3.9 inches) into the cut and place chicken manure in the widened gap.

10cc (1/3oz) of chicken manure
Insert the trowel
Put chicken manure in the hole
The chicken manure has been placed between the snap pea plants

After additional-fertilizing, water the chicken manure and cover it with soil. With this, the additional-fertilizing work for sugar snap peas is completed.

Water the chicken manure
Cover with soil
Additional-fertilizing for sugar snap peas is completed

Following is the video for how-to. English subtitles are available.

Fertilize the sugar snap peas (Garden sugar snap peas) – Growing sugar snap pea plants – YouTube