Tips for growing green peppers (Sweet pepper plant care) – Green pepper gardening tips

How to grow green pepper in field crop cultivation. This session is dedicated to the cultivation management of sweet pepper. (Pepper plant care.) I talked to the staff in the field about growing green pepper. (Sweet pepper gardening tips.)

Green pepper gardening tips (How to grow sweet pepper)

I feel like the green pepper plants are growing slowly, is that right? The sweet pepper fruits seem to be not getting much bigger, and there are many small leaves growing at the top.

Sweet pepper plant
The green pepper fruits and leaves are small

Green peppers usually grow well at around 20-30°C (68-86 °F), but when it gets too hot, their growth can stop.

Since sweet peppers are summer vegetables, they are thought to be resistant to heat, but there are still limits, right? Could the intense heat be related?

Yes, that might also be a factor.

If you’re worried about dryness and lack of water due to the heat, it’s a good idea to water the edges of the bed.

The watering spots

Oh, I see.

Eggplants, for example, tend to become “rocky" when they lack water.

“Rocky eggplant" refers to eggplants that have fruit without pollination. They don’t grow large and are hard and bitter, so they are not suitable for eating.

When growing eggplants, pay attention to water shortage

I understand.

I’d like to try watering around the edges of the beds as I was taught.

Watering around the edges of the beds
Watering the pathway

I’ll also pull out the weeds while I’m at it. If you leave the weeds alone, they’ll grow before you know it, so it’s best to take care of them when you notice.

Pull out the weeds

I thought it might be a good idea to harvest more green peppers if their growth is slowing down due to the heat. (If we leave the sweet peppers on the plant with fruits, the plants might weaken due to overbearing.)

We harvested plenty of green peppers

We harvested many peppers that resemble shishito peppers rather than green peppers.

We also harvested small sweet peppers

How to grow green peppers? I summarized the cultivation process of green peppers. Best way to grow sweet peppers. (Grow your own sweet peppers.)

We planted green pepper seedlings in early May.

We fertilized and pruned the side shoots of the green peppers around late May. (1st fertilizing pepper plants.)

As sweet peppers grow, we prune them to improve airflow by thinning out the foliage. (Green pepper plant care. Pruning is one of the best ways to grow sweet peppers.) Improving airflow also reduces the risk of green peppers getting diseases and pests.

Once the sweet pepper plants reach a certain size, regular fertilizing and pruning will make them bear fruit continuously.

Following is the video for how-to. English subtitles are available.

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