How to grow peanuts, okra, and cucumber, etc… (Grow your own peanuts, okra, and cucumber, etc)

How to grow peanuts, okra, and cucumber, etc… in home garden. Our task for today involves overseeing the cultivation of peanuts, okra, and cucumber, etc…

The cultivation progress of peanuts, okra, and etc

Cultivating peanuts and okra (Groundnut growing and harvest time for okra)

First, let’s start with the cultivation progress of peanuts. (Groundnut growing) How hard is it to grow peanuts? No, Taking care of peanuts is quite easy. It mainly involves hilling up the soil as harvest time approaches, watering when the soil gets dry, and they’re growing well.

Peanuts under cultivation

Peanuts have many pegs, so I’m looking forward to the harvest time now. The peanuts peg is the part that grows after the flowers of peanuts fall off. Peanuts grow on this peg.

Peanuts pegs

The pegs of peanuts are extending into the neighboring okra plot.

Peanuts covering the base of the okra
Pegs sticking into the base of the okra

The full grown okra plant is thriving, and we are harvesting okra.

Even in the intense heat, okra plant is doing well
We harvest okra when it's ready to eat

How to harvest okra? We harvest okra while picking the leaves.

The cultivation progress of cucumbers and basil (Basil and cucumber plant care)

We are growing cucumbers vertically. (Growing cucumbers on a trellis.) The cucumbers are bearing fruit, but there are increasing numbers of bent ones. When cucumbers start bending more, it seems like a sign that the plants are getting tired, so maybe the end of cultivation is approaching.

The cucumber fruit

I started to notice changes in the cucumbers around mid-July.

I thought cucumber cultivation was over, but it started to pick up a bit around late July.

After pinching off the tops, basil plants have started to grow side shoots, and the amount of leaves has increased.

Basil plant
Basil has started to grow side shoots

We pinched off the tops of the basil (basil plant care) in early August.

The cultivation progress of eggplant, ginger, and green pepper

Finally, let’s check the growth of eggplant, ginger, and green pepper.

Eggplant, ginger, and green pepper

The eggplant has slowed down a bit in growth compared to before. However, since they are still flowering, it looks like we can enjoy the harvest for a while longer.

Eggplant flower
I'm looking forward to the next harvest

The leaves at the base of the ginger plant are turning yellow. I wonder if the ginger leaves turning yellow are because of the heat? I hope it’s not a disease.

Ginger plant
The ginger leaves are turning yellow

The green pepper is steadily bearing fruits. Since the green pepper fruit and leaves are the same color, you might miss them if you don’t look closely.

Green peppers
Where are the green peppers?

This time, we harvested cucumbers, okra, eggplants, and green peppers.

Harvested cucumbers, okra, eggplants, and green peppers

Following is the video for how-to. English subtitles are available.

How to grow peanuts, okra, and cucumber, etc… (Grow your own peanuts, okra, and cucumber, etc) – YouTube