Peanuts and cucumber plant care (Hilling up peanut plant and pinching cucumber plant)

Growing peanuts, cucumbers, and okra in open-field cultivation. (Peanut plant, cucumber plant, and etc grow guide.) This time, the main tasks include pruning cucumbers and hilling up peanuts. Additionally, we will observe the conditions of okra, eggplants, green peppers, and so on.

Pruning cucumbers and hilling up peanuts

Pruning cucumbers and observing okra (Cucumber and okra plant care)

It’s been about 10 days since fertilizing the cucumbers.Strangely, many female flowers have turned yellow. Could it be due to the prolonged rainy season? Cucumbers are facing a bit challenging situation as the harvest time approaches.

Growth of the cucumber is turning yellow
Bent cucumbers are also turning yellow
Female flowers of the cucumber are also turning yellow

Cucumbers are delicate vegetables, so they require a bit of care in cultivation. Discolored cucumbers won’t last until harvest, so I’ll remove all of them.

Also, I’ll pick the cucumber leaves around the base and monitor the situation. (Removing cucumber leaves is to improve ventilation.)

Remove the discolored cucumbers
Remove the cucumber leaves to improve ventilation

Next is cucumber pruning (pinching). The method is simple. Just cut the tip of the main stem of the cucumber plant. When you prune cucumbers, it stimulates the growth of side shoots, leading to the development of secondary shoots and thirdly shoots.

Cucumber pruning
When you prune cucumbers, it stimulates the growth of side shoots

The increase in side shoots (vines) means more cucumbers to harvest when the time comes. I’m a bit concerned about the discoloration of the female flowers, but I hope they will recover and thrive after pruning.

With this, the pruning of the cucumbers (cucumber plant care) is complete.

After pruning the cucumbers, let’s take a look at the okra. The okra is starting to develop buds. Okra grows quickly, so I’ll keep an eye on it regularly to avoid missing the harvest. (Okra pods become tough and unsuitable for consumption if they grow too large. Let’s harvest them when they are young.)

Okra plant
Okra flower

Hilling up peanuts (How to care for a peanut plant)

The peanuts are tasks for the upcoming harvest season. We’ve been using mulch for cultivating peanuts, but now that the flowers are blooming, we remove the mulch. (Peanuts produce pods underground, so mulch can be obstructive after flowering.)

The peanut flowers
Cut the mulch
Remove the mulch

Peanuts have a unique way of fruiting. Peanuts have a part called the peg, and when the flower falls, this peg elongates and pierces into the soil. Peanut pods develop at the tip of the peg and grow larger underground in the soil.

Till a bit around the peanut plants
Hill up peanut plants

In peanut cultivation, it’s necessary to cultivate the soil around the base of the peanut plants. By tilling and keeping the soil soft, it becomes easier for the peanut pegs to pierce into the soil. Additionally, let’s perform hilling up, bringing the surrounding soil to the base of the peanut plants.

Grow eggplant, green pepper, and etc

Next are the bed of edamame and tomato. The edamame harvest is complete. The basil planted next to the tomato has sprouted.

Edamame harvest is complete
Sprouted basil

Lastly, eggplants and green peppers. I wonder if the additional fertilizer applied about 10 days ago worked for the eggplants? New side shoots are emerging near the pruned branches, and fruits have started to form.

The new side shoots of the eggplants
The eggplant fruit

Green peppers, with only pruning and additional fertilizer, are growing well. Since green peppers produce fruits one after another, to prevent the plant from getting tired, I actively harvest the fruits. (When there are many fruits on a branch, I harvest some even if they are a bit smaller, controlling the overall number of fruits on the plant.)

Prune for improved ventilation in green peppers
Green pepper fruits

Following is the video for how-to. English subtitles are available.

Peanuts and cucumber plant care (Hilling up peanut plant and pinching cucumber plant) – YouTube