Harvest peanut plant (full grown peanut plant) – Best way to grow peanuts

Growing peanuts in the ground cultivation. (Grow your own peanuts.) Peanuts (groundnuts), which were in the soil preparation period in early May. The peanut sowing season is early June, and the cultivation period is over four months. The peanuts grown from seeds have finally reached the harvest season.

Harvest peanuts (groundnuts harvest season)

How to grow peanuts (Grow your own peanuts) – Best way to grow peanuts

Peanut plant (groundnut) how to grow? Grow peanuts from seed. Peanuts had soil preparation in early May, and planting seed was in early June. For peanut planting, it’s best to sow the seeds from mid-May onwards. After planting, they germinated smoothly. Around mid-June, peanut sprouts began to grow.

The peanut planting time is early June
Around mid-June, peanut sprouts began to grow

How hard is it to grow peanuts? Growing peanuts is not that difficult. Vegetables like peanuts and edamame, which belong to the legume family, generally don’t require much fertilizer, making them easy to grow.

Legume vegetables, such as peanuts, don’t need fertilizer because nitrogen-fixing bacteria in their roots provide them with nutrients. Peanuts are not very demanding in terms of cultivation, making them recommended for beginners due to their low maintenance.

How to care for a peanut plant? The crucial task in caring for peanuts is hilling the soil. In the early stages of peanut cultivation, it’s done using plastic mulch, but as the flowers bloom, it’s necessary to expose the soil. The reason is that peanuts bury their pegs in the soil, and the nuts develop underground.

Peanut pegs

If peanuts grow vigorously, they spread horizontally, so it’s good to have a spacing of 30cm (1 foot) or more between them and other vegetables. If they become too dense and interfere with other crops, you can prune the tips of the peanut branches.

Vigorous growth of peanuts

Harvest full grown peanut plant (Peanuts cultivated from seeds are now ready for harvest)

When to harvest peanuts? It can be challenging to determine the harvest timing based on appearance alone, so trying a test dig may be helpful. If you dig a little and the grid pattern on the peanut shells is clearly visible, it’s time to harvest.

You can also determine the timing for harvesting peanuts by looking at the stems and leaves. A sign to harvest is when the lower stems and leaves start to wither. If the lower part of the peanut plant turns yellow overall, it is likely approaching the harvest season.

For harvesting peanuts, use a shovel. Insert the shovel into the soil and lift the peanut plant from below. This will loosen the soil, making it easier to harvest. (If you pull the peanut plant directly, the pods may detach and remain in the soil.)

For harvesting peanuts, use a shovel
Harvested peanuts

Harvested all the peanuts from four plants. It was my first time growing peanuts this year, and I’m glad I made it to the harvest season.

Harvested peanuts from four plants

Being able to harvest raw peanuts is unique to home gardens. Freshly harvested peanuts are recommended to be boiled with salt, making boiled peanuts for consumption.

Peanuts washed to remove soil
Freshly harvested peanuts are recommended to be boiled with salt

Following is the video for how-to. English subtitles are available.

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