Pinching and fertilizing for stem broccoli (Stem broccoli cultivation) – Broccoli how does it grow?

How to grow stem broccoli in mulching cultivation. Let’s engage in the cultivation management of stem broccoli during this session. (Stem broccoli garden tips.) This time, I will check how the stem broccoli is growing.

Pinching and fertilizing for stem broccoli (Stem broccoli grow guide)

The stem broccoli has a top bud at the end of the main stem.

The main stem of the stem broccoli
Top bud of stem broccoli

Harvest the top bud when it is about 3 to 4cm (1.2 to 1.6 inches) in diameter. If the bud bloom, the stem becomes tough, bitterness increases, and the taste deteriorates, so let’s harvest it early.

Harvest the top bud

Cut the stem diagonally to prevent rainwater from collecting on the cut surface. (Wet cuts are prone to disease.)

Cut the stem diagonally

When pinching the stem broccoli, it’s also time for additional fertilizer. Place it in two spots at the edge of the bed. Since the roots of the stem broccoli are emerging, put the fertilizer there. (Fertilizer works best when placed a little beyond the tip of the roots.)

The spots for additional fertilizer for stem broccoli
The roots of the stem broccoli emerging on the surface of the soil

The amount of fertilizer is 20g (3/4oz) of chicken manure per spot. Turn over the mulch, dig a hole about 10cm (4 inches) deep, and apply fertilizing.

Organic chicken manure is a recommended fertilizer for stem broccoli additional fertilizing because it contains a balanced amount of nutrients necessary for stem broccoli cultivation. (Chicken manure is best organic fertilizer for stem broccoli.)

Chicken manure used for additional fertilizer for stem broccoli
Place organic chicken manure into the holes
Applied chicken manure as additional fertilizing for the stem broccoli

Afterward, water the manure, cover it with soil, and put back the insect netting. This completes the pinching and fertilizing of the stem broccoli.

Water the chicken manure
Cover the chicken manure with soil
Pinching and additional fertilizing for stem broccoli is complete

How to grow stem broccoli. (Stem broccoli cultivation.) I have summarized the cultivation process so far.

Start growing stem broccoli in late August, when it is still hot. First, prepare the soil. (Best soil for growing stem broccoli.)

Plant stem broccoli seedlings around mid-September. (September is the best time to plant stem broccoli.) To prevent pests, we also set up an insect netting.

About three weeks after planting, additional fertilizer to the stem broccoli to provide nutrients.

Following is the video for how-to. English subtitles are available.

Pinching and fertilizing for stem broccoli (Stem broccoli cultivation) – Broccoli how does it grow? – YouTube