Pruning broccolini (Pinching broccolini) and additional fertilizing – broccolini growing tips

This time, it’s taking care of the broccolini. Pinch the central bud and apply additional fertilizer for broccolini.

Pruning broccolini (Pinching broccolini) and additional fertilizing

About 3 weeks after the first fertilizer, buds have formed on the central stem of broccolini. This is the very first central buds that appears.

Fertilizing the broccolini
Broccolini has grown to a height of 50cm (20 inches)
Central buds of broccolini

We fertilized the broccolini in late September. At that time, we also fertilized the cabbage and chinese cabbage.

Harvest the central buds when they are about 3 to 4cm (1.2 to 1.6 inches) in diameter. If the buds bloom, the stem becomes tough, bitterness increases, and the taste deteriorates, so let’s harvest it early.

Harvest the central buds

Cut the stem diagonally to prevent rainwater from collecting on the cut surface. (Wet cuts are prone to disease.)

Cut the stem diagonally

After removing the central buds, many side shoots will grow, so they need nutrients. Therefore, we’ll apply additional fertilizer.

After pinching, side shoots will grow
Fertilizing spot for broccolini

The amount of fertilizer is 20cc (3/4oz) of chicken manure per spot. Turn over the mulch, dig a hole about 10cm (4 inches) deep, and apply fertilizing.

The 20cc (3/4oz) of chicken manure used for additional-fertilizing
Lift the mulch
Dig a holes
Fertilizing preparation for broccolini is ready
Place organic chicken manure into the holes
Applied chicken manure as additional fertilizing for the broccolini

Afterward, water the manure, cover it with soil, and put back the mulch and insect netting. This completes the pinching and fertilizing of the broccolini.

Water the chicken manure
Cover the chicken manure with soil
Put back the black polythene mulch
Put back the insect netting for grow tunnel
Pruning and additional fertilizing for broccolini is complete

Following is the video for how-to. English subtitles are available.

Pruning broccolini (Pinching broccolini) and additional fertilizing – broccolini growing tips – YouTube