Cilantro harvest time (cilantro how to harvest) – Best way to grow cilantro

Grow coriander in field farming. Cilantro was thinned out last time, and it’s been about two weeks since then. I’d like to pick coriander as the cilantro harvest time has come, and the plants have grown.

Cilantro harvest time (cilantro how to harvest)

Growing cilantro from seed in home garden (Best way to grow cilantro)

Growing coriander (cilantro) began around mid-August. The fertilizer used for soil preparation is well-rotted cattle manure compost and canola cake, which is the best fertilizer for cilantro. Cilantro can be grown year-round except in midsummer and midwinter, but the best time to grow coriander is from autumn.

Best fertilizer for cilantro
Preparing the soil for coriander (Best soil for cilantro)

It’s a good idea to prepare the soil early, while it’s still warm, for vegetables sown in the fall, including cilantro.

The planting cilantro seeds was done in early September. The cilantro seeds were sown with about 2cm spacing, with up to 8 seeds per hole, considering thinning later. Since cilantro is grown in a grow tunnel, I installed insect netting after sowing the coriander seeds.

Planting cilantro seeds

I sowed cilantro seeds together with radishes and daikon in the same bed.

Cilantro plant care, the thinning of cilantro was done in early October. Cilantro had a slightly slower germination and growth, taking about a month from sowing to thinning. Cilantro is sensitive to heat, so around the sowing time in September, its growth might have been slowed down by the heat.

Thinning cilantro (cilantro plant care)

The thinned cilantro can also be eaten as baby cilantro. Since it’s thinning, the quantity is limited, but it’s still a valuable harvest.

The harvested thinned cilantro greens

There were areas where cilantro hadn’t sprouted, so I also re-sowed seeds during thinning.

Harvesting cilantro (coriander harvest time)

The cilantro how to harvest involves picking the leaves sequentially, starting from the outer ones. It’s also fine to harvest mature cilantro plants with their roots.

Harvest cilantro from the outer leaves
The cilantro how to harvest

I recommend harvesting little by little, just enough for what you will eat, as it allows you to enjoy the harvest for a longer time.

The harvested cilantro

Cilantro can grow for subsequent harvests when you leave the central vegetative point and some leaves. I recommend it because it allows for sustainable cilantro cultivation and harvesting.

Leaving the growing point on cilantro allows for subsequent harvesting

Following is the video for how-to. English subtitles are available.

Cilantro harvest time (cilantro how to harvest) – Best way to grow cilantro – YouTube