Thin out cilantro (Growing coriander from seed) – Cilantro plant care

Grow cilantro in grow tunnel (cilantro plant care). Last time, I sowed cilantro seeds and set up insect netting. This time, I’m doing cilantro care by thinning it out. I’m thinning out the crowded areas to ensure space between the cilantro plants.

Thin out coriander (cilantro care tips)

The coriander seeding was done in early September, and it’s been about a month since then. The cilantro had a slow germination, so I’ve been observing it for a while, but now that the growth is becoming more stable, I’ll thin it out. (Cilantro seeds are covered by a shell, making it challenging to ensure uniform germination.)

Coriander seeding (growing cilantro from seed)

Thinning is done where cilantro seeds have sprouted closely together. (Thinning out crowded areas to improve air circulation for coriander.)

I will thin out the densely packed cilantro seedlings

I sowed cilantro together with radishes and daikon.

To thin, use scissors to cut the base of the sprouted cilantro. Pulling out the roots when thinning is not highly recommended, as it can damage the roots of the remaining cilantro.

Thin by cutting the base of cilantro

The thinned cilantro can, of course, be eaten as baby cilantro. The quantity is limited since I didn’t thin much, but it’s still a part of the harvest.

Cilantro thinning greens

Since there are still areas where cilantro hasn’t sprouted, I’ll resow the seeds. This completes the thinning of the coriander.

The spots where cilantro hasn't sprouted
Resow the cilantro seeds
May the cilantro seeds sprout

Following is the video for how-to. English subtitles are available.

Thin out cilantro (Growing coriander from seed) – Cilantro plant care – YouTube