Best soil for growing peanuts (How to grow peanuts) – Best soil for groundnut cultivation

Growing groundnuts in outdoor cultivation. (How to grow peanuts at home.) Easy and delicious way to grow peanuts for beginners. Last time, we planted vegetable seedlings. About a week has passed since then. This time, we’ll prepare the soil for peanuts (best soil for peanuts).

Preparing to grow peanuts (how to grow peanuts)

How long do peanuts take to grow? Peanuts have a long cultivation period, taking about 5 months from sowing to harvest. The best time to plant peanuts is from mid May to early June. Harvest time is around mid to late October.

Although the growing period is long, cultivating peanuts is relatively simple, so I think it’s easy for beginners. Let’s start growing delicious peanuts, then.

Preparing the soil for peanuts (Best soil for groundnut cultivation)

The place for cultivating peanuts is bed C. We’ll prepare the soil for peanuts (groundnuts) here.

The peanut bed (groundnut bed)

Remove the mulch, sprinkle 50cc (1.8 oz) of dolomitic lime, and plow. Adding dolomitic lime (garden lime) is to adjust the soil acidity. (Neutralizing acidic soil with alkaline dolomitic lime.)

Remove the mulch
Add dolomitic lime (garden lime)
Mixing dolomitic lime into the soil

In peanut cultivation, we don’t use fertilizer. Despite having “nut" in the name, peanuts are vegetables in the legume family, similar to edamame and snap peas. Vegetables in the legume family tend to produce excessive leaves and poor fruiting at harvest if too much fertilizer is used.

So, in peanut cultivation, we avoid using fertilizer and simply plow the soil.

While plowing the peanut plot, if thick roots or anything similar appears, we’ll remove them.

Remove the roots and stones

After plowing, we’ll shape the bed with wooden boards. With this, the peanut cultivation preparation (best soil for peanuts) is complete.

Adjust the bed
Soil preparation for peanuts is complete (best soil for growing peanuts)

Following is the video for how-to. English subtitles are available.

Best soil for growing peanuts (How to grow peanuts) – Best soil for groundnut cultivation – YouTube