Edamame beans how to grow (Prep soil for edamame) – Edamame bean growing

Soil preparation for edamame cultivation

Grow edamame in outdoor cultivation. Edamame is the name for young, green soybeans. This time, edamame growing guide. We’re getting the soil ready before planting edamame seeds. Edamame seeds are sown in late April to early May, so we prepare the soil about 2 to 3 weeks before that. Edamame cultivation area is about 60cm × 60cm (2 feet x 2 feet) in size.

The cultivation plot for edamame beans (green soybeans)

Soil preparation for edamame (Growing edamame in garden)

In edamame cultivation, we generally don’t use fertilizers, but for this season, we’ve decided to use only fully ripened cattle manure compost. This cattle manure compost is used more for improving the soil than as fertilizer for edamame.

The field used for edamame cultivation has clayey soil with poor drainage, so we’re adding cattle manure compost to improve it. (Adding organic fertilizers like cattle manure compost to the soil activates microorganisms, making the soil soft and fluffy.)

Cattle manure compost used for preparing the soil for edamame

The amount of cattle manure compost to put in edamame plot is 1 liter (1 qt). Spread this cattle manure compost in the plot and mix it with the soil.

Mixing cattle manure compost with the soil in the edamame plot

After adding the compost, dig the edamame plot to a depth of 30cm (1 ft). You can use the length of the shovel blade, which is about 30cm, as a guide for the depth.

If digging is difficult, you can simply cultivate the soil with a hoe. (Since the drainage of the plot I am renting is not very good, I decided to dig deeper than usual to improve it as much as possible.)

Dig the soil of the edamame plot
The length of the shovel blade serves as a depth guide
Set the dug soil aside

How to make the bed for edamame (Create raised bed for green soybeans)

This is the latter part of soil preparation for edamame. Return the soil to the dug area and create raised bed for edamame. The trick is to gently mound the soil while allowing air to be incorporated. This increases the “fluffiness" of the soil and creates height in the raised bed.

Return the soil to create bed for edamame
Heap the soil to allow air to penetrate

To prevent soil from collapsing, shape the edamame bed with a trowel and wooden boards. Make the top of the bed flat and compact the sides slightly for added strength.

Make the top of the bed flat
Compact the sides of the bed slightly
The bed shape of edamame is complete

Afterward, cover the edamame bed with black polythene mulch, and secure the mulch with mulch pins. The bed for edamame is completed.

Mulch the edamame bed
The bed for edamame is completed

Following is the video for how-to. English subtitles are available.

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