How to harvest okra (Harvesting full grown okra plant) and care for summer vegetable plants

How to grow okra, basil, aubergine, and etc in mulching cultivation. The focus for today is managing the growth of our okra, basil, aubergine, and etc plants. This time, I’d like to check the growth of the okra plant. Okra has been growing for about two months since planting, and it’s starting to enter the harvest season.

Harvesting full grown okra plant and care for summer vegetables

Best way to grow okra (Growing okra from seed) – How to grow okra from seed

How to plant okra from seed? Okra was planted in early June, and about two weeks later, the seedlings emerged.

The seeds of okra
Okra is planted in early June.
Okra sprouted fully by mid-June

In late June, the okra leaves became crowded, so we thinned them out. For okra, thinning is done to three plants per hole in the mulch.

In late June, the okra is growing well
Thinning out the okra

For the next month, I’ll take care of the okra. Once the first fruit grow large, I’ll harvest the okra.

The first okra fruit
Harvest okra

Additional fertilizer for okra (Cultivation of okra) – Okra plant care

We fertilize the okra when harvesting the first fruit. As okra is entering its full harvesting season (full grown okra plant), we’ll fertilize to ensure it doesn’t run out of nutrients.

For okra, fertilize once between the plants. The fertilizer used for okra fertilization is chicken manure, with a quantity of 30g (1 oz).

The spot for fertilizing okra

Turn over the mulch, dig a hole about 10cm (4 inches) deep, and apply fertilizing.

Remove the mulch pins
Lift the mulch in the okra plot
Dig hole for fertilizing the okra
Put chicken manure into the hole

After that, water the chicken manure that has been fertilized, cover it with soill, and put back the mulch. We water the fertilizer because it helps it decompose faster in the soil. (For soil microbes, wet fertilizer decomposes more easily.) The fertilization for okra is finished.

Water the fertilized chicken manure
Cover the chicken manure with soil
Put back the mulch in the okra plot

Summer vegetable care (Thinning basil, pinching eggplant, and etc)

Next, basil care. We thin basil planted next to tomato from 4 plants to 1.

Basil planted in the tomato bed
Thinning basil (basil care)

We planted basil seeds in early July.

The aubergine has grown to a height beyond the support stakes, so we’ll pinch off the tops.

The aubergine has grown quite a bit on the main stem
Pinching aubergine

The cucumber’s female flowers turned yellow, but new fruits have started to grow again.

The yellowed cucumber female flowers
The new cucumber fruits
May they grow well and safely

The cucumber’s female flowers turned yellow about a week ago.

Following is the video for how-to. English subtitles are available.

How to harvest okra (Harvesting full grown okra plant) and care for summer vegetable plants – YouTube