Cucumber plant growing tips (Add-fertilizer for cucumber), pruning basil, and finishing tomato

How to grow cucumber, basil, and tomato in open-field cultivation. Managing the growth of cucumber, basil, and tomato is on our agenda for today. We’ll begin by checking how the cucumber is growing.

The second round of fertilizing cucumber, pruning basil and tomato finished

The cucumbers are growing steadily despite the increase in discolored leaves.

The discolored cucumber leaf
The cucumber fruit

I began noticing changes in the cucumbers around mid-July.

I hope some of the small female flowers will turn into fruit. (It seems that cucumbers can still fruit even if they lose about a third of their leaves.)

The female cucumber flower
Hopefully, they will bear fruit

Since it’s been about a month since the last fertilization, we’ll fertilize the cucumber for the second time.

We'll fertilize the cucumber for the second time

The last fertilizer for cucumber was in early July.

The fertilizer is placed about 20cm (8 inches) away from the base of the cucumber plant, in one spot. We use 40g (1.4 oz) of chicken manure.

The fertilization spot for cucumber

Originally, we fertilize cucumber plants on both sides in two spots, 30g (1 oz) each, but we reduced it to one spot, increasing the amount from 30g to 40g (1 oz to 1.4 oz). Peanut plants planted nearby are encroaching, so to avoid affecting them, we’re fertilizing in just one spot.

The original fertilization process
The current fertilization process
We don't put fertilizer on the peanut side

Insert the trowel about 10cm (4 inches) into the cut and place chicken manure in the widened gap.

Insert the trowel into the cut in the mulch
Place chicken manure in the widened gap

Afterward, water the chicken manure and cover it with soil. With this, the additional-fertilizing work for cucumber is completed.

Water the chicken manure
Cover with soil
Cucumber add-fertilizing completed

We’re checking the tomato growth next, but the side shoots we left… are missing.

There are no side shoots on the tomato plant

It seems they snapped during a strong wind. Unfortunately, it’s the end for the tomato.

Tomato cultivation finished

I summarized how to grow tomato and the process so far.

In the early stages of tomato cultivation, we remove the suckers to encourage overall growth of the plant.

Once the tomato has grown to a certain extent, we firmly set up stake to support them.

Fertilizer is also important for tomato growth. We supplement it with additional fertilization.

Crows are also targeting the red tomatoes. We need a countermeasure.

The basil planted at the base of the tomato has grown to about 25cm (10 inches) tall, so we’ll pinch it. Pinching will encourage side shoots to grow, increasing the harvest of basil leaves.

Pinching basil
Pinching encourages basil side shoots to grow

How to grow basil plant. (Basil growing tips.) We sowed basil seeds and thinned them out in July. (Growing basil from seed.)

This completes the fertilization of cucumbers and the pinching of basil. (The cucumber plant care and basil care are complete.)

This completes the pinching of basil

Following is the video for how-to. English subtitles are available.

Cucumber plant growing tips (Add-fertilizer for cucumber), pruning basil, and finishing tomato – YouTube