Harvest time for okra and fertilizing ginger root (How to grow okra and ginger root)

How to grow okra plant and ginger root in the ground cultivation. The focus for today is managing the growth of our okra plant and ginger root. Let’s look at the okra’s harvesting process and methods this time.

Harvest time for okra and fertilizing ginger root

Since late July fertilization, okra has entered harvest time and is growing well. We are harvesting okra in order as they reach the ready-to-eat size. The ideal size for okra is about 7cm (2.8 inches). If it grows larger than that, it becomes fibrous and its taste declines. (Full grown okra isn’t very suitable for eating.)

Okra at the optimal harvest time
Okra at the perfect eating size

How to harvest okra? When harvesting okra pods, the leaves are also picked together. You leave about two leaves below the harvested okra pods and remove all the leaves below that. If it’s too much trouble, you can just remove all the leaves below the harvested pods.

Okra is harvested while picking lower leaves

When harvesting okra, we remove the leaves to improve airflow and sunlight. Because okra leaves are large, if there are too many, they can become crowded, reducing airflow and sunlight. When you pick the lower leaves of okra, nutrients concentrate in the upper part of the plant, promoting upward growth.

Okra has large leaves
When okra leaves increase, sunlight and airflow decrease
Removing the lower leaves of okra improves airflow
Nutrients also concentrate upward, so the okra plants grow vigorously

We harvested 3 okras this time. The harvest time for okra is still ongoing. Looking forward to the next okra pods as they’re already growing.

The harvested okra
The next okra ready for harvest
The okra bud

How to grow okra? I summarized the key points of growing okra, from sowing seeds to fertilization. (Best way to grow okra from seed.)

How and when to plant okra? We planted okra seeds in early June.

Care for okra plant. Thinning of okra was done about 25 days after sowing, around the end of June.

We fertilize okra when we harvest the first fruits.

Ginger plant care (Best way to grow ginger root)

Next is checking the growth of ginger root. It has grown quite tall, and new shoots are emerging. Ginger root grows slower compared to other summer vegetables, but it’s steadily progressing.

The ginger grows up to 50cm (1.6 feet) tall
Ginger is growing vigorously

It’s been about 25 days since the last fertilization for ginger root. Since ginger root needs fertilization approximately every month, we’ll fertilize it again. This is the third fertilization for ginger root.

This is the third fertilization for ginger root

The second fertilization for ginger was done in mid-July.

For ginger, fertilize once between the plants. Put 30g (1 oz) of chicken manure. (When we fertilized last time, we cut the mulch, so that serves as a marker.)

The fertilization spot for ginger

Insert the trowel about 10cm (4 inches) into the cut and place chicken manure in the widened gap.

Insert the trowel about 10cm (4 in), widen the gap
Put chicken manure in the gap

Afterward, water the chicken manure, cover it with soil. With this, the ginger root fertilization is complete.

Water the fertilized chicken manure
Cover the chicken manure with soil
Ginger root fertilization complete

Following is the video for how-to. English subtitles are available.

Harvest time for okra and fertilizing ginger root (How to grow okra and ginger root) – YouTube