Spring cabbage harvest season (Best time to harvest spring cabbage) – Spring cabbage maturity time

How to grow spring cabbage in rental patch. (Spring cabbage growing in garden.) The spring cabbage planted in late October is ready to harvest.

The spring cabbage grown this season was planted in late autumn (around November) and grown over the winter. It is ready to harvest in early spring (around March). This is spring cabbage harvested in spring after overwintering.

Harvesting spring cabbage (Spring cabbage maturity time)

Spring cabbage growing guide (Best way to grow cabbage)

We prepared the soil for spring cabbage around late October last year. (Best soil for spring cabbage plants.) Due to the high temperatures and dry conditions during summer, the soil had become compacted. Thinking it might not be suitable for growing spring cabbage like this, I loosened the soil a bit.

The compost and fertilizers used for growing spring cabbage are fully ripened cattle manure compost, chicken manure, and canola cake. This spring cabbage is grown through pesticide-free organic farming, so organic compost and fertilizers are used.

Preparing soil for growing spring cabbage

After mixing soil and fertilizer, we’ll level the bed and create planting plots for spring cabbage. We’ll cover the bed for spring cabbage with black plastic mulch sheets and grow them using mulching. Mulching helps prevent weeds and maintains soil temperature, which is beneficial for cultivation. (Spring cabbage farming tips.)

Create spring cabbage bed and mulch

The planting time for spring cabbage was early November. (Best time to plant spring cabbage.) Spring cabbage grown for overwintering should be planted around November. (Winter cabbage, harvested in winter, is best planted around September.)

When planting spring cabbage seedlings, be careful to handle them gently. (Best way to plant spring cabbage) Young spring cabbage seedlings have thin stems and soft leaves, so take care not to damage them.

Planting spring cabbage seedlings (Planting spring cabbage is suitable in November)

Spring cabbage, a member of the Brassica family, is a vegetable that attracts caterpillars and aphids easily. Spring cabbage is planted in November, which reduces the presence of insects, but it’s still best to take preventive measures. Install insect netting and cultivate them in grow tunnel.

After planting spring cabbage, install insect netting

In mid-December, we prepared the spring cabbage for wintering. (Spring cabbage plant winter care.) The indicator for wintering spring cabbage is when the maximum temperature drops to single digits.

To protect spring cabbage from the cold, we cover the bed with non-woven fabric. Placing the non-woven fabric over the insect netting helps keep the cabbage bed warm, ensuring they do not wither even during winter.

The non-woven fabric used for wintering spring cabbage
Covering the spring cabbage bed with non-woven fabric

In mid-January, we fertilized the spring cabbage. January is a cold time during winter, but we applied fertilizer to supplement nutrients.

The fertilization of spring cabbage was done in mid-January

Spring cabbage growing tips. Winter vegetables like spring cabbage often require additional fertilization, commonly done in January, because it takes about a month for the fertilizer to take effect during winter.

Harvest spring cabbage (March is best time to harvest spring cabbage) – Spring cabbage maturity time

Harvest time is here, but the spring cabbage… it’s splitting. (Could it be because it absorbed too much water from the rain a few days ago?)

Split spring cabbage
The cause of split heads in spring cabbage might be the rain

It seems there are various reasons why spring cabbage heads split. One reason is when it’s dry for a while and then rains heavily, causing them to split. Another case is when the cabbage bolts, causing the heads to split from the inside.

It’s better to harvest split spring cabbage early by cutting it from the base. The harvesting method for spring cabbage is to cut it off at the base using gardening scissors or a cutter, harvesting the whole plant.

Cut the base of the spring cabbage with gardening scissors
The harvested spring cabbage

The harvested spring cabbage has a diameter of about 20cm (8 inches). Since split heads don’t keep well, I’d like to eat it soon.

The harvested spring cabbage has a diameter of about 20cm (8 inches)

Following is the video for how-to. English subtitles are available.

Spring cabbage harvest season (Best time to harvest spring cabbage) – Spring cabbage maturity time – YouTube