Prep soil for daikon radishes (Daikon radish how to grow) – Grow cylindrical and round shape daikon

Prep soil for daikon radish (Grow round and cylindrical shape daikon radish)

How to grow daikon radishes in organic farming. This year, we will grow “Shogoin" daikon radishes and green neck daikon radishes. “Shogoin" daikon is a round-shaped daikon radish, and green neck daikon is a cylindrical-shaped daikon radish.

This time, it’s the first attempt at cultivating daikon radish, so we’re preparing the soil. However, since okra is still planted in the daikon radish patch, we need to clear that away first.

Before cultivating daikon radish, we clear away the okra

It feels wasteful to clear away the okra, but since we also want to grow daikon, we’ll make a compromise here.

Daikon radish seed to harvest time is about 2 to 3 months. For daikon radishes planted in autumn with harvest in winter, if we don’t prepare the soil starting around this time (around mid-September), the daikon plants won’t grow big. (To grow daikon radishes big, the suitable time for soil preparation is from around mid-August to mid-September.)

The okra remaining in the daikon cultivation patch
Set up stakes but..
We're clearing it away for daikon cultivation

Preparing the soil for daikon radish (Cylindrical shape and Round shape daikon radish how to grow)

From here, we’ll start preparing the soil for daikon radish. First, we water the daikon patch to moisten the soil. (To ensure the daikon radish grows well after planting the seeds, keep the soil moist.)

After cultivating summer vegetables, the soil often becomes dry and hard, so it’s a good idea to water it and loosen it up a bit.

Water the daikon radish patch
Blend the soil and water
Soil suitable for planting daikon radish

The soil is important for cultivating daikon radish. (Grow daikon radish depends on the soil.) For daikon radish, if there are stones or remnants of roots, it may fork, so we remove them.

Remove small stones and roots for growing daikon radish

Next is fertilizing for Round shape and cylindrical shape daikon radishes. We use cow manure and canola cake as fertilizer for daikon radishes.

In a daikon radish plot of about 60cm × 60cm (23 in. × 23 in.), we put 1 liter (1 qt) of cow manure and 50g (1.8 oz) of canola cake.

The daikon radish cultivation plot
The daikon radish fertilizer (cow manure and canola cake)

The fertilizer is thoroughly mixed with the soil. Since both cylindrical shape daikon and round shape daikon radish grow in the soil, let’s dig the soil deeply. If you plow to a depth of about 20cm to 30cm, I think the risk of forked roots daikon will be reduced. We also make sure to loosen up clumps of fertilizer, as they can cause forked roots in daikon.

Spread fertilizer in the daikon radish plot
Mix soil and fertilizer

How to make a daikon radish bed (Daikon radish growing tips)

After fertilizing the daikon radish, the next step is to create the bed. Shape the daikon radish bed with a trowel and wooden boards.

As a tip for making a daikon radish bed, use a trowel to press the edges of the bed and make it slightly compacted. If you press the edges of the bed, you can maintain the shape of the bed.

How to make daikon radish bed
Press the edges of the daikon radish bed

Afterward, cover the daikon radish bed with black polythene mulch, and secure the mulch with mulch pins.

Mulching is a traditional method for making the growing daikon radish healthy. Mulch will keep the soil moist. Your daikon radish bed is complete. (Soil preparation for round shape and cylindrical shape daikon radish is complete.)

Cover the daikon radish bed with mulch

Following is the video for how-to. English subtitles are available.

Prep soil for daikon radishes (Daikon radish how to grow) – Grow cylindrical and round shape daikon – YouTube