When edamame blossoms, water it. (Edamame plant care) – Edamame bean plant growing guide

Grow edamame in pesticide free cultivation. This time, I will attend to edamame bean plant care. I will explain watering for edamame beans.

Watering for edamame bean plant

Edamame:After thinning and ridging, about a month has passed. The edamame bean plants have grown, and flowers have started to appear.

Thinning of edamame
Ridging of edamame bean plants
Tall edamame plants
Edamame flowers

We thinned and ridged the edamame bean plants in mid May.

When edamame starts to bloom, it needs water. (When edamame dries, the flowers fall off, making it difficult for pods to form.) So, we actively water it to replenish moisture.

When edamame starts to bloom, it needs water

Watering edamame can be challenging in terms of frequency and amount. Personally, I water around the edamame bed. (Pouring water directly from above may wash away the ridged soil.)

The watering spot
Don't water at the base of the edamame plants

I think it’s best to water edamame bean plants in the morning. Not only for edamame beans but also for vegetables and plants in general, I think it’s good to water them in the morning as they actively undergo photosynthesis during that time.

If there’s no time to water edamame in the morning, it’s also fine to water them in the evening. I think it’s better to avoid watering during the warm daytime hours when the temperature is high. Watering during this time can raise the water temperature, posing a risk of damaging the roots of edamame.

The soil under the edamame bed is hard, so I break it up with a shovel before watering.

Breaking up the soil under the edamame bed
Watering preparations complete

The amount of water is 4 to 5 cups with a watering can. When you sprinkle 2 to 3 cups of water, it collects around the bed, so let’s wait for the water to drain at that time. I don’t think watering once is enough, so it’s good to do it several times.

Sprinkle 4 to 5 cups of water with a watering can
Wait until the water drains when it accumulates
Water in several rounds

I try to avoid water reaching the neighboring bed. (I want to grow watermelon and cherry tomato with a slightly dry environment.)

Don't water the bed for tomatoes and watermelons

That’s all for watering edamame bean plants. If it continues to be sunny and the soil seems to be drying out, let’s water it regularly.

To ensure the edamame pods grow larger, water them regularly

Following is the video for how-to. English subtitles are available.

When edamame blossoms, water it. (Edamame plant care) – Edamame bean plant growing guide – YouTube