Harvest the broccolini (Growing broccolini in garden) – How to grow broccolini?

Grow broccolini in chemical free cultivation. This time, I would like to harvest broccolini.

Harvesting broccolini

We prepared the soil for the broccolini in early August and planted the seedlings in early September.

Preparing the soil for broccolini
Create broccolini bed and mulch
Planting broccolini
After planting the broccolini seedling, let's cover it with insect netting

Afterward, with no diseases or pests, broccolini grew well. About 3 weeks after planting, around late September, we fertilized the broccolini.

A crucial point to note during fertilizing is to always follow the recommended amount of fertilizer. If you give too much fertilizer in an attempt to make broccolini grow larger, it can lead to increased occurrence of diseases, pests, and aphids.

If you’re unsure of the appropriate amount of fertilizer, use a smaller amount and observe the situation.

Fertilizing spots for broccolini
Adhere to the recommended amount of fertilizer

In late October, we harvested the central buds of broccolini, performing pinching, and applied a second round of fertilizer.

Pinching the broccolini
Second fertilization for broccolini

To harvest broccolini, pluck the side buds attached to the tips of the side shoots. (Cut with scissors.) When harvesting, it’s good to cut the broccolini stems at an angle. Cutting at an angle prevents water from accumulating on the cut surface, making it less prone to mold and diseases.

Side buds of broccolini
Harvested broccolini

From now on, we will harvest broccolini while fertilizing once a month. Fertilizing spots are two per bed of broccolini, applying 10cc (1/3oz) of chicken manure per spot.

Fertilize broccolini under the bed
10cc (1/3oz) of chicken manure
Water the fertilizer and cover it with soil

If broccolini continues to grow well, we can harvest it until around March next year.

The side shoots of the next growing broccolini

Following is the video for how-to. English subtitles are available.

Harvest the broccolini (Growing broccolini in garden) – How to grow broccolini?- YouTube